Welcome to Ken's Auto Spa


From the daily driver, to the weekend sports car, our mission is to reunite

you with that new car feeling all over again!


We know not everyone has the time or experience to give thier vehicle the

attention it needs to be a head turner and thats where we come in.

From a simple exterior wash to keep it looking great, or a full Spring, Summer, or Fall 

cleaning to rid your vehicle from the effects of natural and man made contaminates,

we know how to give your car the attention it needs.


We use a range of great products from Mequier's, Plexus, Zymol, Mother's, Blue Corral

 and many others to bring your car back to showroom condition.


We look forward to making your car something you can be proud to park in

the front row.




All images, artwork, and contents property of Ken Harrington 

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